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The Nease Report | November 2022 Edition

Daylight Saving Time 2022: Don’t forget to turn your clocks back this weekend! Daylight saving time begins the first Sunday in November.

We’ll get an extra hour of sleep, but less daylight as we head into the colder months.

Employee Testimonials

“The experience has been very helpful and financially rewarding.”

-D. Williams

“They’re extremely easy to work with. They do a great job of reviewing your work experience and try to place you with the best jobs they can offer.”

T. Goodell

“They helped me 5 years ago. I will never forget what Angie done for me, it felt like it was just yesterday! FYI. I’m still at the same job but full-time! Nease truly changed my life!”

-D. Holloway

What are you thankful for?

After 30 years in business, we know we have plenty to count and it all starts with our applicants! Now, as we reflect on all we’re grateful for, we’d also like to hear from YOU!

Maybe you worked with us 20 years ago, or after hearing about us from a friend. Maybe you just started last week, or recently left an assignment to pursue something new…

However our relationship began, this month we’d like to ask you to take a second to tell us more about how we’ve helped you on your job journey. We encourage all of our employees, old and new, to share more about your experience working with us through a candidate testimonial!

Stop by the website to leave us some feedback, check out what’s changed, and to see what jobs we have to offer.


Referral Rewards Program

If your referral is hired by one of our client company’s and employed for a minimum of 200 hours, you will be eligible to receive a monetary reward!

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The Employment Situation in October

We’ve all seen the headlines and read about how more than 200,000 jobs were added in February of this year alone. This undoubtedly marked a period of optimism among economists who, for the first time in a while, projected that this number should continue to rise. As of now, however, while the pressure may be subsiding and labor shortages appear to be easing, it’s still important to account for the fact that 11.2 million jobs were left open in July 2022.

Based off data mentioned in the annual economic analysis of 2022, there are currently 2.8. million fewer Americans participating in the labor force today than there were in February of 2020. As opposed to the earlier feelings of encouragement and hope, this data only furthers cause for concern as labor markets prove to remain tighter than they’ve been in decades. Coupled with long-term trends on current labor supply (and details such as historically low fertility rates being taken into consideration), the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics is indicating that the labor force participation rate is still projected to fall from 62.4% today to 60.1% in 2031.


Featured Job Openings


Document Management Support Specialist – Greenville, NC

Accountant – Kinston 

Administrative Assistant – Greenville

Executive Assistant – Kinston

Certified Medical Assistants- Greenville

Housekeeper(s)– Greenville, NC

Part-time Office Administrator – Greenville, NC

Receptionist – Greenville, NC

Task Force Members YOUTUBE- Greenville, NC

Laboratory Tech- Greenville, NC

Outreach Specialist(s)- Multiple Locations

Provider Support Specialists- Multiple Locations

Senior Staff Accountant- DIRECT HIRE

Staffing Agency FAQs

Most people have heard of a temp agency, but do you know how they work? Aside from being completely free to all candidates, the benefits are resounding.

If you’ve had recent changes in employment and are worried your resume is at risk of showing an unavoidable gap, considering a temporary assignment may be the key.

In addition to opportunities that are strictly temporary, some positions may go permanent after you’ve working a required minimum of hours (560) or may start permanently by being chosen within a Direct Hire program. Direct Hire placements typically involve a skill set that is beyond the entry level realm. Whether you are looking for something for a year, a few months, or looking for a long-term career, staffing agencies are a great way to get your foot in the door with a new employer that interests you.

Other desirable aspects of temporary placements:

  • Faster than normal hiring process
  • Receiving competitive wages
  • Broadening your skillset and strengthening your resume
  • Opportunity to become familiar with the position, duties and employer before committing long-term