I felt very good working with Nease. Treated fairly and with respect. I would definitely call them again if needed.

B. Raynor

Nothing unfavorable to speak on. Current assignment is working well within department.

A. Holton

A very great company to work for.My experience way the best.

A. Chance

They were wonderful.

B. Faulkenberry

I’m very grateful for my job, my wages was great, don’t believe I could have gotten this job without Nease. So thank you!

B. Acklin

Always professional, kind and caring. Quick response and quality employees.

C. Mayo

It has been a great experience. Very professional and I was kept abreast of my duties and responsibilities. Also, I enjoyed my job. It too has been rewarding.

M. Simmons

Overall good. The person I interacted with made me feel like a person and not a number. I was sent in positions that were interesting. I ended up working for a company that I choose not to stay with long term but I stayed in the career. I am still doing that career I randomly fell into through your company seven years ago. Just in a different town and at a different pay scale.

B. Baker

Very helpful.

B. Chappell-Sharpe

My experience with Nease Personnel was fantastic.

D. Noel
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