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The Nease Report | January 2023 Edition

The Nease Report

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Employee Testimonials

“Overall good. The person I interacted with made me feel like a person and not a number. I was sent in positions that were interesting. I ended up working for a company that I choose not to stay with long term but I stayed in the career. I am still doing that career I randomly fell into through your company seven years ago. Just in a different town and at a different pay scale.”

-B. Baker

Welcome, 2023!

What a year it has been. Another 52 weeks, 365 days, 8,760 hours of experiences and memories for all.

2022 served as a year of growth and personal understanding for most of us. Whether that growth be for your mental health, physical health, understanding relationships, career related or all of the above; growth is always welcomed. 2023 will be a year of transformation and change for many. After identifying what we really want to see in our lives, and what we want the next 8,760 hours to look like, it’s time to get after it! 2022 has challenged me to evolve into a greater version of myself, what about you?

What has 2022 given you? Here is my challenge to you:

Make a list of all the pros and cons that came out of your 2022 year. On the other side of that list, I want you to title it, “My 2023 Transformations.” Corresponding to each pro or con, write down what you can do for yourself to make the results of these events or feelings transform for a healthier, happier version of you.

Best of luck, and Happy New Year to all.

-Allyssa Petriello, CSP


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Outlook for 2023: The Great Rebalance

The post-pandemic frenzy, when people quit on a whim and there were two job openings for every person unemployed, is no more. That was a one-off. In 2023, less job hopping and fewer counteroffers are likely as the demand for talent and the supply of candidates evens out. Salary rises will be less common, too. Many employers have already increased wages over the past 12 months – a shortfall of talent left them with little choice. So, any pay raises they can afford to award in the future will be marginal.

By all accounts, the year ahead will be interesting. However, I do believe that a 2023 recession is unlikely to cut as deep as the 1990s’ financial crisis because it directly follows the pandemic when the economy reached its nadir. Following that, the only way is up. Employers should be able to avoid wide-scale lay-offs – though some sectors such as tech will buck the trend – and we will see a dulling of the market rather than an almighty crash.

Hybrid Under Threat:

It is also likely that workers who have gotten used to making demands of employers and having those demands met will lose their bargaining power. The market has changed, and employees won’t want to risk rocking the boat. What does this mean for hybrid working, perhaps the make-or-break requirement for jobseekers and employees in 2022? People resigned, turned down job offers, or demanded a higher salary if they weren’t offered the flexibility they craved. But in 2023, will market conditions lead companies to reassess their hybrid working strategy? According to LinkedIn research, business executives fear it might, with 68% worried that economic uncertainty could force their companies to backtrack on some of the flexible working advances made. The concern is that those unconvinced about hybrid in the first place will use a recessionary market to get people back to the office. They may just get away with it now, but it could backfire when the market picks up and affect their ability to attract and retain top talent.

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Staffing Agency FAQs

Most people have heard of a temp agency, but do you know how they work? Aside from being completely free to all candidates, the benefits are resounding.

If you’ve had recent changes in employment and are worried your resume is at risk of showing an unavoidable gap, considering a temporary assignment may be the key.

In addition to opportunities that are strictly temporary, some positions may go permanent after you’ve working a required minimum of hours (560) or may start permanently by being chosen within a Direct Hire program. Direct Hire placements typically involve a skill set that is beyond the entry level realm. Whether you are looking for something for a year, a few months, or looking for a long-term career, staffing agencies are a great way to get your foot in the door with a new employer that interests you.

Other desirable aspects of temporary placements:

  • Faster than normal hiring process
  • Receiving competitive wages
  • Broadening your skillset and strengthening your resume
  • Opportunity to become familiar with the position, duties and employer before committing long-term