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EMPLOYEES: How to Log Your Timesheet on a Weekly Basis

To enter your time or check your pay stub, please visit and click on the Employee tab. You can navigate the site through use of our Navigation Menu: do not use the browser back button. From there you will login with your username and password listed below- You will then click on Timesheets and enter your time worked with the according dates.

You will be entering your time worked for shifts on a Monday-Sunday basis, and will then submit your timesheet for approval. A new timesheet will not be posted until EACH WEDNESDAY due to processing payroll for the week prior.

When entering your time, make sure to add “AM” or “PM” correctly to the corresponding shifts. Failure to do so will result in AM being entered by default and your total time for the week will not be accurate. Additionally, if you are inputting your hours daily, please be mindful to hit SAVE TIMESHEET whenever you are finished. Missing this step will result in loss of documentation when you come back to enter the rest of your hours worked. You should only SUBMIT TIMESHEET once *all* of your hours for the week are entered. Do not skip columns.

If you miss work, or do not have any time/timesheet to submit, we ask that you please still enter “00” on your timesheet and include a note in the Employee Comments, stating: “No hours for this timesheet”, click SAVE COMMENTS and submit. This will ensure your timesheet is approved by your supervisor and will alleviate any need for contact from us at Nease Personnel.

Our payroll periods run on a MONDAY-SUNDAY week. Your timesheet for the week ending on Sunday is due NO LATER THAN MONDAY AT 1PM. Submitting your timesheet late will result in delayed payment.

If you are needing to revisit previous pay checks or pay stubs you can do so by clicking “View your Payroll Checks History”. Select “PDF” following the check you wish to view or print, and it will open through Adobe software (Adobe 10.x required).

Our portal is very secure and case sensitive. If you get your login information wrong once, it will lock you out. If this occurs, please call our office to have your login credentials reset. We ask that you close out your web browser and reopen our website before proceeding with your new login.

For further assistance, please review our step-by-step video on How to Log your time by clicking the link: